The Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha (Thai: Phra Geow Morakot ou Phra Phuttha Maha Mani Rattana Patimakon) is a sacred Jadeite statue
in the royal chapel of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Wat Phra Geow.
It is the religious and symbolic emblem of the Chakri dynasty.
High of 75 cm it is usually dressed in gold
and wears 3 different gold outfits depending on the season.
The King of Thailand himself is in charge
to change the outfit of the Emerald Buddha at the desired time.

The 3 golden outfits of the Emerald Buddha.
The legend says that this statue was discovered in an old stupa
at Wat Pa Yia (Chiang Rai) in 1434.
His story is, to say the least, eventful
with many miracles and strange phenomena.
Several kings fought it, and it has changed over time in the temple several times. It was first kept in Lampang, then Chiang Mai, then in Laos in Luang Prabang and Vientiane, before being taken over by the Thai,
kept a few years in Thonburi (at Wat Arun)
before being placed in 1784 at its current location!