Amulets of Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth).

The amulets of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth).
Also called Laxmi and Vasudhara in Tibet.
is the goddess of wealth and abundance.
With Goddess Parvati and Sarasvati
she is part of the Tridevi feminine Hindu trinity.
According to antique tradition, amulets of Lakshmi
give many different types of wealth :

- Wealth of harvest.

- Wealth of courage and never ending strength for work.
- Good weather to help fields fertility.

- Fertility and an abundance of children's in the familly.

- Wealth of knoledge and wisdom.

- Wealth of good health.

- Sucess in all prjects, prosperity and fortune.

One does not pray Lakshmi to win the lottery,
but she will alway help the ones who work hard.